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I have not updated the podcast in some time now because I’ve just had more pressing matters to tend to. Honestly, I believe the podcast has run its course and I believe that these twenty six episodes will be more than most people can handle. Rather than paying soundcloud to host the audio for this website, I have put the entire 26 episodes on and all of the episodes are available on iTunes for free as well. Thanks for Listening.



Best of FoundSounds Volume One


So like I said in my last post, I haven’t been able to upload a new episode, but I have made a playlist maybe for those who have just started listening, or for those who want to hear some of the best that this podcast has to offer. I will be back next week with new episodes, thanks for sticking with me. And now I present the best of FoundSounds Volume 1:

Episode Twenty Two


Thanks for listening. This is my most copywrite infringing episode yet! It may be a couple of weeks before I get the next episode out. Don’t judge me, I got a lot going on. Don’t give up on me either, I’m dedicated to doing this weird thing for some reason. If you want some stickers or a tote bag email me at: I will mail you some stickers, yes for real, you.


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